Whether Should Attractive Girls Marry Rich Men or not?

It’s very common for us to see such stories or similar films:

A girl began to learn how to marry a rich man by films. She tried to portray herself by voice, eye contact, expression, conversion, body language, etiquette, etc., aiming to enter into the superstratum society and make the acquaintance of rich men.

She started her journey to seek for rich men. She always traveled the first class to Europe where gathered plenty of rich singles. Finally, hard work pays off. She met the Mr. Right by chance. They spent a fantastic holiday in Europe and promised to love each other for the rest of life. But the good scene does not grow. The Mr. Right left without saying goodbye very soon.

In reality, most girls are longing for marrying rich men someday to raise her value. They risk investing capital in order to get high profit at last. Like all lucrative business careers, marrying a rich man could also be thought as an investment. Their purposes are very obvious. They want to get the maximum profit after paying out. As the investees, rich men are just the profit that they are looking for.

As a matter of fact, love is willing to give but who only focus on giving but never care about return? If you want to give something back, you should not just receive but give. No one can live a happy life if only giving or receiving. In other words, giving is in direct proportion to receiving. If there isn’t equilibrium between the two, the relationship would fade away little by little. Therefore, most of the intelligent and attractive girls always consider giving when choosing marriage.

The Olivier Awards With Mastercard - Red Carpet Arrivals

If marriage is counted as a market, every one of us has chips to exchange for their need. The chips include beauty, wealthy, wisdom while the needs contain status, identity and feeling. We get what we want by the market of marriage.

However, we must know that in the market of love or marriage, everything would decrease with time passing by no matter how quick or slow it is. As adults, we should get a clear understanding of the relationship between giving and receiving, including risk.

On the rich men dating app, an attractive girl describes herself like this:

I am 25 from Fairfield, California, very sexy and attractive. I’m a free spirit, always have been, always will be. I like to get through my days with as many laughs as possible, but I take myself very seriously. I have a refined style of conversation, beautiful tone and well-dressed and want to marry a rich man whose annual salary is over 1million. Don’t think I am greedy. My requirement is not too high because 1 million is only for us to live a simple life.

From a businessman’s point of view, it is not a good operating decision if you get married with this girl. In short, it is only a deal between money and appearance. The girl has an attractive appearance while the rich man has a lot of money. It is a fair dealing at this moment. However, the question is that appearance would disappear day after day while the rich man may have more and more money.

Even though science and technology have had a great progress in the past years, most of us are still eager to marry with others and give birth to children together. We promise to never abandon partners whether they are rich or poor, healthy or sick. Only in this way, we could live a happy life in the rest of life. If we want to have a lot of money, the best way is to work hard by ourselves instead of dreaming to marry a rich man.


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