How to Determine if He’s Mr. Right on Rich Women Dating App

Betty, one of the very attractive and rich women looking for men, located in Bay Area, California.


Some time ago, Betty broke up. She told me that she met her boyfriend on some rich women dating app. By coincidence, that guy also lived in Bay Area. He was a bartender for a small bar while Betty was a physician surgeon in a renowned hospital with a high salary. She never minded his boyfriend is poor with a futureless work. They got along very well at the beginning. Several months later, Betty’s boyfriend moved in her home and even proposed to her. She was happy to agree at once and they intended to get married at the end of this year.

However, as a surgeon, Betty was a rich woman but busy on working every day and night and sometimes she nearly had no extra time to go to dinner. She returned home from work at midnight so that it is hard for her to cook every day. On the contrary, her boyfriend always spent at home all day because he didn’t want to work for that small bar anymore.

As a result, an emotional issue was coming because of her busy work. After heard from her story, I told her that his boyfriend didn’t cherish her as she did. Otherwise, he could make allowance for your busy work. In fact, it was just an excuse for separating. Betty agreed with my opinion. Since that they had broken up, she felt it was also good for her because she had much more time to take care of patients and no need to worry whether her boyfriend would be angry for stay at home alone at night. In order to become a senior and talented surgeon, she must work very hard and be responsible for the patients. Betty told me that her dream is to have her own hospital when she was 30 years old. I thought it’s a good dream to her. Fortunately, that bartender chose to leave her. If not, Betty was unable to come true her lovely dream. Instead, she had to stay at home to take care of family and live a poor life with the guy without any ambition.

Several weeks later, when we met again, Betty told me that her ex-boyfriend asked her for help every day because his salary is not enough for him every month. He made up a variety of reasons to borrow money. Every time, Betty didn’t want to answer his phone. However, she always persuaded by him because she is a kind hearted girl. I told her that this guy is very crafty. He was just to use Betty’s love to continue his luxury life until he found next spouse. Betty explained that she was just to make friend with him even if she was unable to be his lover. I denied her ideas. Not every friend always asks you for help. He kept in touch with you just because you are a rich woman. I suggest her to find a hard case and ask him whether he could help you or not. If not, he just used your love. As a result, she got a negative answer by the small test.

Some people are always like this: they always force you to do everything for them while they never return you. The only thing they would do is to keep on saying that they still love you or they hope to be friends with you. As lonely rich women, they are always unable to refuse every time. Finally, it becomes a habit for these lazy men who want to become a millionaire.

Former affection is always a wound for rich women looking for men. If you can’t deal with them very well, it would continue to hurt you unless you break up with them for a long time. The wisest choice is to forget them when they choose to leave you. After that, continue your journey on rich women dating app and learn how to determine so many profiles. Then you’ll find your Mr. Right sooner or later.


How to Make Friends with Millionaire Singles

The majority of people in the world are living mediocre, unexamined lives every day. Friends around them are ordinary without too much money. In this condition, how to get acquainted with millionaire singles and even make friends with them?


Firstly, even though you can’t create too much opportunity, seize it when it is coming. Fairy tales never exist in reality. There is a special circle for millionaire singles, which hasn’t had any intersection with your life. If you intend to meet them by accident, the chance is slim. However, you could catch the chance. What is the most attractive point between the associations of people? Of course, it is personality charm. Some people may sniff at it because it is purely imaginary. As a matter of fact, personality charm exists in the reality. When communicating with millionaires, you must learn to suffer loss and be honest. If so, they not only see in their eyes but also remember in their heart. Most of the millionaires prefer to make contact with an honest man because they hardly meet such persons around them.

Secondly, never care about your humbleness and give others a hand in time. You may think your help means nothing to rich men or rich women. However, they don’t think so. They are always attracted by your timely help. Several years ago, one of my friends acted as a guide for a rich man at night. Then the millionaire unconventionally promoted him as a staff of his company. What’s the reason? My friend was able to solve a problem for his boss even though the problem was insignificant.

Next, develop your own hobbies to reach the professional level. It is not enough to get rid of bad habits. We must have had some avocations. Birds of a feather flock together. You may not realize that but you always appeal to many congenial friends just because of your hobbies and some of them are rich. For instance, some rich women like dog and cat while rich men like to take exercises and travel. If you make friends with these people, you always have the same topic along with them. What’s more, no one cares about whether you are a millionaire or not during conversion. There are many benefits in your rest of life if you become millionaires’ best friends. They never look down upon you but could help you deal with many troubles even though you don’t mention.

Finally, be polite in your life or even express some admire now and then. It doesn’t follow the crowd. You’d better try to control your bad temper at any time. Politeness could help you win the qualification of respect. Besides, if you are polite enough, others would think you as a cultivation person so that they would like to make friends with you. You should be as unassertive as enough when you ask millionaire singles for help. In this way, they’d like to solve the problems for you without any complaint.